–All alone in my dark room–

–All alone in my dark room–

All alone in my dark room

I feel it, my day of doom


Convo with seclusion, all my day

that’s the thing what I had to say


All corners of my abode say it loud

why?  torment used to hover as a cloud


Walls pour the pain with their faded surface

I always face the wall with my gloomy face


My dark room and I as a same of kind

both are silent and in both, pain is bind


How would i utter my grief to someone?

they elude me saying you are none


I always in Search of such a spring

get in the heaven, forget everything


As I would amuse with darling fairies

being pleased with the gulp of berries


Alas! this is only thoughts of ecstasy

nothing reality, it’s only fantasy


Again, my heart turned to my dark room

Again, I feel it, my day of doom

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