-O Lord! My Lord!-

O Lord! my Lord!

You are the ONE, I am the one

At the mountain of high, I climb to cry,

And you come close to listen my grief,

Please, my lord! come more to hold my hand and drive me on the path of peace.

O Lord! my Lord!

My tiredness tired in sea of withering laurels,

And you saw it very thoroughly

Please, my Lord! praise my defeat on the path of triumph.

O Lord! my Lord!

Long as i wait for a firm companion as kind of mine,

And you saw,  even no one wish to tolerate my smile,

Please, my Lord! be my inextricable part to comprehend my silence.

O Lord! my Lord!

My heart always strays in the flooded emotions,

And how you let it go, don’t you have any emotion?

Please, my Lord! wretch out this part from my body that you mastered.

O Lord! my Lord!

I am very uneducated and naive about the feelings,

Who will know better than you my lord,

Either you bless me with strengthen of soul or cradled my journey in your lap

     My Lord! My Lord!

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