-Story of a Blood Donor-

                                                –Story of a blood donor–

                                                (Every Blood donation matter)

Hisar had to catch flight in 2 hour to return to college. He was employed in packing his belonging meanwhile someone knocked at the door. His father commanded him up from the bedroom to look at. “yes aunty” Hisar said as he open the door and saw Najeeba, a residence of his neighbor. “Save my son, my only son Nasir” Najeeba was sobbing bitterly. Hisar asked “what happened to him”. Najeeba told him that Nasir is in hospital due to hemorrhage, doctor asked her to manage the blood ASAP, he is fighting for life on bed. “oh” Hisar exclaimed on predicament of his friend Nasir, “ok aunty, what is his blood group?” “How could your illiterate aunt know?, but doctor said it’s very rare, you are my last hope, don’t reject my imploration, I have knocked every door of this village but I only received feign instead”.

Hisar came in after Najeeba faded away from his sight. His father inquired “what happen?” Hisar told him about Nasir. “Oh, so sad, God bless him, ok get ready, I will drop you at airport”. Hisar was in great dilemma, hospital and airport both were calling him up.

He ventured. “May I?” but he received only reprimand “what about your flight?, how will you manage?, don’t be naïve, especially for this world.”

At airport, Hisar mind stuck over Nasir in the hospital, Najeeba’s countenance couldn’t have made his stay anymore at airport. Hisar managed himself to hospital and return back to airport in that short period of time after giving the blood to his friend. He took his assigned seat in the flight with breath of contentment and flew away.

When Hisar’s father was making his way to home from airport, an unfortunate road accident admitted him to the trauma center. Hisar’s father had severe blood loss that’s why he needed blood transfusion ASAP but AB negative blood was very unmanageable in short time. A doctor inquired about his family but Hisar was only member who could have given the blood to his father since his mother left him. Hisar unavailability was wretched irony of time, when a father need most to his children. Hisar’s father was groaning on stretcher in despair, a lady came, he hardly could have recognized but he could have listened properly. “Take this blood, doctor” lady said to doctor. “Why, you don’t need?” by the way he is AB negative” doctor intrigued. That lamenting lady said “after all, it is his blood”. Doctor bewildered and asked “How?” lady fixed her gaze with compassion at Hisar’s father and said “His son gave to my son but before the time Nasir broke into his last breath”

After all, Hisar blood runs into the vein of his father

                                ‘So every blood donation matter’

When Hisar reached at his college a message beeped on his cell phone

                                ‘You are the life savior son for me”

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