-Dame & Damsel-

When i was young like a damsel,
my beauty was fame if i could tell

Now, my wrinkles make me feel like a dame,
fairness tanned and my trampled fame

Age on the way to final stage,
am scared this is my last phase

My aged-eye has read divers face,
but still i am in search of divine grace

Humans promised me to love thy soul,
but always in the mood of rock and roll

They just touched my shape not my spirit,
my lord! where are you? please hear it!

How could i trust on their flirt and infatuation,
wrong to me to hold imperfect combination

At the day of my last i wanna with my soulmate,
he would say, “don’t, otherwise who will do my wait”

My lord! a ‘Dame’ wishes at her ninety of age,
answer her last word, and take all her wage
                 my lord! our lord!

On her spirituality, God compelled to mull,
now He changed his gospel and rule

Dame turned into gorgeous Damsel,
she was such happy if she could tell

God made a handsome to touch her spirit,
with pure heart, divine grace and of high merit

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